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Meet The MUA

Hello my name is Nyteerah Clay CEO of Official Shades of Brown makeup and cosmetics. Official Shades of Brown was born August 3rd 2017. I started this company for women of all colors all around the world. I’ve been doing makeup for four years going on five. I started off doing my family and friends makeup over the past years and as I grew doing and learning makeup professionally along the way, they told me to “start taking your crafts more serious you can make this your 9-5 job.” Ever since then I made makeup my number one priority. One particular person I trusted with everything and shared everything with because I thought this person had my back, was a guy I dated for a few years. I shared with him all of my dreams, goals and ideas such as creating my own makeup line and working for myself full-time and also wanting to have a multi billion dollar cosmetic line for women of all shades. He told me not to do it, “Get a real job, makeup don’t pay bills. You shouldn’t waste your time on a makeup line because everybody has a makeup line already, think of something else.” Of course a young girl in love said to herself and him “your right.” I struggled with finding a 9-5 job because I felt and knew GOD had a bigger plan for me. I knew I was bigger than a 9-5, I always knew that I could make that two weeks pay in a day working for myself. This person completely tarnished my dreams, goals and self-esteem, he made me feel less of a women, ugly and empty inside, like I had no one but him to count on. Because of the weakness that came upon me from everything I’ve been through with this person made me become a mean person, getting attitudes with people for no reasoning, not speaking to people when they speak to me, fussing at everyone, going to church not speaking to my church family. I was so depressed, I felt like I was living in a ball all alone even when I had people to turn too, I just didn’t want to talk to anyone about the way I’ve been being treated. Ive been disrespected by this man, cheated on, mentally, verbally and emotionally abused by him and also CONTROLLED. I was so controlled to the point where I didn’t want to work, I felt like I was under a spell. I didn’t want to follow my dreams because he made it seem as though makeup was the wrong thing to do. That relationship was so toxic that I let it take over my life and soul, I knew I had to get out. Once I ended everything, I took time to find my inner self, finding myself and soul searching for me, was the best thing I've ever did. As I use to battle with the hurt and frustration it only made me more motivated, I wanted to stunt on him, I wanted to show off what I’ve became, even though I wasn’t throwing it in face, I always knew and felt he was watching and still is. I pushed myself to wanting better for myself. I sat down and begin talking to myself asking myself “whats next for me?” “what do I want to do in life, what do I want my career to be?” And I said to myself “Ima start my own makeup line and ima call it the “Learning Life Collection”. So I did a little research on how to start a make up line, I knew I didn’t want to take the easy way out and buy from vendors and sell products I know nothing about or even tested out. I found a factory where I had full access on making and creating my makeup line using all vegan and 100% cruelty free product. I wanted to create something special for all women to feel beautiful and build up inner and outer self esteem and that’s what I did. I launched something so beautiful and special to me and others called “The Learning Life Collection” on June 15th I couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing and creating something someone told me I couldn’t do and not to do. I feel so good and Im so happy where I am today, I couldn’t thank GOD enough for getting me through that part of my life. I have a career now that’s my 9-5 paying all my bills, I couldn’t be more grateful. Never give up on something you know you're destined to do. Don’t ever let no one tell you not to follow your dreams, look at me now “IM POPPIN & SUCCESSFUL” - Nyteerah, and guess what, they’re always watching. GOD will remove people from your life that doesn't deserve to go up with you. Stop expecting YOU from people, that’ll only leave you hurt and fucked up and never love someone more than you love yourself, that’s where I fucked up. To watch the full video on my story, detail from detail please click the link below. Welcome to Official Shades of Brown Website, now go fill up your cart sis. Xoxo - Ny.

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